Made for Growers of the Future

Trades and

Sales Channels

Building industry & real estate

  • Integration in new construction projects
  • Conversion of old buildings and installation in vacant properties
  • Construction and integration in commercial/industrial areas
  • Integration in Green-City projects

Research & Development

  • Research of the production of new plant species and varieties as requested by customers
  • Research cooperations with universities & state authorities
  • Contract research for the private sector
  • Development of licences and patents in cooperation with technology partners

Agricultural sector

  • Production & sale of sustainable edible plants as requested by customer
  • Production & sale of spices, luxury foods, ornamental and medicinal plants
  • Development, consulting and construction of BEL Climate Chambers in cooperation with farmers

Food products & nutrition

  • Production & sale of sustainable produce as requested by customers
  • Production of “super foods” incl. protein & nutrient rich foods
  • Development & production of new, innovative foods for wholesalers & the consumer market

    Special branches

    • Plant material for further processing to food supplements and smoothies
    • Barley grass and other shoots
    • Production of cannabis


    • Development, consulting and construction of BEL Climate Chambers with wholesalers
    • Sale of plant products to food retailers, wholesalers, catering & restaurants
    • Cooperative partnerships in logistics, marketing & sales

      Energy and environment

      • Project development, planning & construction of climate-neutral BEL Climate Chambers with integrated autarchic renewable energy supply and closed water cycles
      • Consulting services for states, cities & communities to establish an energy self-sufficient, sustainable and regional food supply

      Pharmaceutical industry

      • Plant-based nutraceuticals (dietary supplements with health benefits)
      • Plant-based production of medicine (e.g. Therapeutic products and extraction of essential oils)
      • Biomass for plant-based production of vaccines
      • Plant-based cosmeceuticals (e.g. high-grade skin care and anti-aging products)

      Our Skills & Services

      We offer our turn-key Climate Chambers with a perfectly matched service package:

      Running our own Climate Chambers and in partnerships

      Location-adapted planning and construction

      Technological implementation incl. renewable energy supply

      Education and training

      Consulting services

      Database-driven automated control system

      Research & Development

      Growers of the Future

      By jointly setting up your own Climate Chamber with us as your partner you will be enabled to produce any plants of your choice!

      You will produce these plants in optimal growth conditions, sustainably and profitably. This includes local and exotic vegetables, fruits, herbs, lettuce, spices, ornamental and medicinal plants and many more. Ultimately you only need to distribute your fresh and high quality products to your customers or use them for further processing, if intended!

      Anyone can become a Grower of the Future as we provide the necessary technology and know-how!